Calvert's 'New Age'

John H. Calvert has written this entertaining argument regarding the establishment of “Religious Humanism” as the official state religion. The arguments made are spurious and unsupported. There are rampant examples of basic logical fallacies that I learned about in my first college course on logic.

School's Mission Statement lists 'Belief in God' as a 'district value'

In Uniontown, OH, the Lake Local School District’s mission statement (pdf) states that they believe “the belief in God and religious freedom are important.” This is an absurd oxymoron. How can they, in the same sentence proclaim the importance of religious freedom and that “belief in God” is important? Religious freedom MUST include the right not to believe. Otherwise, how can there be said to be religious freedom at all?

Another's Journey to Atheism

I found this terrific story over at that really struck me. His story is so similar to my own, which I describe in How I Became an Atheist. Read it and watch my video and you will get a sense of how difficult it is to throw off the oppressive beliefs of Christianity or any religion.

Disney Accused of Being Too Gay Friendly

In this article is reporting that Disney is being accused by a Christian group of giving preferential treatment to Gays and Lesbians. The premise of these Christians is ridiculous. They are comparing Disney organized/sponsored events with ad-hoc events that Disney has not participation in. If I were a Christian Preacher and I were to say to my flock, “On May 19th 2009 we are going to Disney World would y’all like to join us?” would that put any onus on Disney to accommodate me in any special way? NO.

Intelligent Design is Not Science

I have been arguing back and forth with several Christians and Creationists about the so called “Theory of Intelligent Design”. For those of you not familiar with it. Intelligent Design is the theory that the complexity of life and the universe can only be explained by a designer. This designer is supposed to be an entity that can manipulate reality in such a way as to create living beings in all their complexity. I hope I have given a fair summary definition as I am not attempting to create a Strawman.

Petition YouTube for Pat Condell

Victimlesscriminal, one of my subscribers, and subscriptions, recently posted this video on you tube calling for the reinstatement of Pat Condell’s video “Welcome to Saudi Britain”. This video was reposted by Bjovolf, and many others, at It was supposedly taken down due to a “community guidelines” violation. So I guess that, in Britain, it is not OK to ask people to stand up to the fanatics of a backward religion like Islam.