Re: Atheist Double Standards - Volume One

The arguments in the video I am responding to are just so wrong it is ridiculous.

Author: atheistliberty
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Added: December 8, 2007

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The YouTube user PatrickDunnevant makes the argument that Atheists put forward a "Double Standard".  First, a "Double Standard" refers to a situation in which one group of people are held to one standard while another group are held to a different standard.  Like giving promotions at work to underperforming Men while passing over more skilled Women.  It is usually born from some sort of prejudice or discrimiation.  While Patrick does not actually say it in the video, I can only conclude that he means that Atheists accept one stanard of proof for God while accepting another standard of proof for Evolution and other "Godless"  theories.

The argument in the video is that when a Christian claims that they spoke to god or that god visited them that we will not accept that as evidence of god's existence.  In my response I essentially agree that we would not tend to believe the claimant and that we would probably say that it is most likely a hallucination.  Somehow this constitutes a "Double Standard".  I can't see how that is the case but I don't address that directly in my video response.  What I address is that if Jesus appearing to someone would constitute evidience of god's existence then the following criteria must be met:

  1. There must be more than one reliable witness all of which substantially agree on what they experienced.
  2. There must be some form of measurable evidience of the visitation that could only be produced by a visitation from god/Jesus.
  3. The vision must be consistent with other similarly supported sightings.

Watch the video for more.