Louisiana Takes a Step Back into the Dark Ages

ArsTechnica has posted this article.

This is really dangerous. The problem with this sort of legislation is that it will allow religious zealots to attempt to inject their religion in to the schools under the guise of critiquing a scientific theory. I have said this before, but these people are not trying to make sure that their own kids are taught about creation, they are trying to make sure that your kids are taught about creation. They will tell you that they are concerned about their own kid’s education but that is a bold faced lie.

As the article points out, these idiots are going to open the flood gates to school districts to incur huge legal fees like those incurred by Dover County. A state law cannot circumvent the constitution. If it is unconstitutional to teach creation in science classes it is still illegal in Louisiana despite its state legislature passing laws that say it isn’t.

For all my readers and viewers in Louisiana, please contact your state legislators and let them know that this law needs to be repealed. If you live in a school district that attempts to utilize this law to inject religion into the curriculum, stand up. Fight it!