Barak Obama Supports Religious Discrimination?

This article from Jennifer Loven of AP is about how Barak Obama has started pandering to evangelicals. I have not talked about presidential politics much on this Blog or in my Videos for good reason. I am so frustrated with the choices. On the left, we have a person who talks about change but seems to engage in the same political tactics as everyone else. On the right, we have an ancient politician who started out in the center but seems to be running to the right so fast, I can barely make him out.

Perhaps, this latest move by Senator Obama is yet another example of his naivete. He wants to get evangelicals so he talks about how Bush hasn’t gone far enough with his faith based initiatives. The problem is, that so much of his base is made up of folks that think Bush went too far with his faith based initiatives and I agree with them. Maybe he really believes that money confiscated from hard working Americans of all different creeds can rightfully be given to religious organizations who, while they wont technically use the money to fund proselytizing, will be doing so along side any federally funded activities.

In either case, he does not possess the qualities that I want in a President.

Maybe I am asking too much but what I want in a President is someone that will stand up for the original intent of the constitution. Someone that will allow all of us to be free of government interference in our lives. Someone that will use his (or her) influence as President to push forward charities that he (or she) deems useful but not by funneling money confiscated from the people but by promoting their activities.

For those Obama fans out there, don’t worry, I am going to take on one of McCain’s positions next.