Answers to Questions Vol 1

Questions Answered:

AhimsaShadow: What is your opinion on those people who use religion not for the lies and crazy bits, but just for answers to the questions that drive us all mad or even just for hope?

cozmikzen: how do I get nadiaTeeze to sub me?

joeyoap: do you remember one particular thing that made you start your journey to atheism and what was it?

t4705mb6: I would like to know your thoughts about in-your-face religious zealots who might stop you on the street or come to your house uninvited asking if you’ve been “saved” or have been “born again”.

ivarbt Who is your favorite atheist in the world? Mine is Eddie Izzard. What do you think about him?

Just1Atheist: What is your best argument FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD?

DaveJonesBSNews: Whats the funniest converstation you’ve had with a fundamentalist?