Disney Accused of Being Too Gay Friendly

In this article EURweb.com is reporting that Disney is being accused by a Christian group of giving preferential treatment to Gays and Lesbians. The premise of these Christians is ridiculous. They are comparing Disney organized/sponsored events with ad-hoc events that Disney has not participation in. If I were a Christian Preacher and I were to say to my flock, “On May 19th 2009 we are going to Disney World would y’all like to join us?” would that put any onus on Disney to accommodate me in any special way? NO.

If we are all buying our tickets at gate prices or in normal ways then each person is an individual in Disney’s eyes and they would deal with them as such. Suggesting that Disney favors Gays and Lesbians because it allows them to visit the parks is like saying that they should be asking each guest what kind of person they like to sleep with before admitting them to the park so that they can make sure that they don’t let too many Gays in at one time.

This is typical of the Christian world view. They are one of the most powerful groups in the country but when they don’t get their way they cry like little babies. President Obama, last week, chastised those that call for Democracy when they are out of power and quickly try to limit Democracy when they are in power and this is the same sort of thing. If Disney were to restrict the number of Christians that could come to their parks based on some fear that they were organizing some sort of ad-hoc “Jesus Day” they would be up in arms about being persecuted. However they have no problem with persecuting another group that just wants to go to Disney World.

I applaud Disney for accommodating these guests and treating them to the same “Magic” that all other guests are provided.