School's Mission Statement lists 'Belief in God' as a 'district value'

In Uniontown, OH, the Lake Local School District’s mission statement (pdf) states that they believe “the belief in God and religious freedom are important.” This is an absurd oxymoron. How can they, in the same sentence proclaim the importance of religious freedom and that “belief in God” is important? Religious freedom MUST include the right not to believe. Otherwise, how can there be said to be religious freedom at all?

However, I am not surprised. My sister works for the Court of a county government here in GA and at one point one of the ladies in the office suggested that they all get together and pray at the beginning of the day. The idea never took off but not because management stepped in and put a stop to it. They would have gladly participated. It was just lack of enthusiasm for the idea from most of the ladies in the office that killed it. My sister is not an atheist but she is questioning the Christian faith we were raised in and is not truly a Christian anymore. The thought of having to try to find excuses for not attending the prayer was worrying her.

This is the sort of thing that goes on in small towns and big cities across our nation. People who have their heads firmly implanted in the assholes just don’t understand that not everyone is exactly like them. They walk around with their heads filled with the simpleminded platitudes that their pastor fills them up with on Sunday and then don’t even think about how their behavior infringes on other people’s freedom.

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