Update: Unionton, OH Lake Local School District Removes 'Belief in God' as a Core Value.

I have an update on the egregious violation of its citizens’ rights that the Uniontown, OH School Board committed and I reported here.

This December, the school board has, over their own personal objections, voted in a change of the mission statement that removes “Belief in God” as a core value and replaces it with “belief in religious freedom”. I, for one, aplaude the new wording. The jack booted fucktards on the Uniontown, OH school board might think that they are thumbing their noses at people like me and the Freedom from Religion Foundation. What they don’t realize is that this is all we ask. They are free to believe in whatever fairy tale they wish to but they are not free to push that belief on the captured audience of the students in their government run schools.

The FFRF has this article about it.

I think it is a lack of imagination that makes them so fucking stupid. They cannot imagine what it feels like to be one of the oppressed minority in their pretty Christian fantasy world. I’d like to know what they would think if the core values in a predominantly Muslim community’s mission statement were to include “Belief in Allah”. Such empathy is obviously not their strong suit.

What is troubling is that this kind of obvious violation seems to be getting more frequent. This is probably a reaction to the steady chipping away of their beliefs by Science and Reason. As more and more of their beliefs are dismantled by simple logic and evidence they fight back as any irrational group might. The fact is, these people have no real understanding of what freedom is.