Fitna (English) Part 1/2 (Full 16min version)

Here is a posting of the film Fitna on YT. This is a very disturbing film but I think it underscores the brutality that is supported by religion. The reason there seem to be so few “moderate” muslims is because there really aren’t any. If they are truly muslim then they know that their Quran tells them to kill or enslave those who do not believe. So even the “moderates” are just lying to get us to look away while they attempt to destroy our way of life.

'Coming Out' as an Atheist

"Coming Out" as an Atheist

I use the phrase “Coming Out” because in many ways coming out as an Atheist is very similar to coming out as gay. It really depends on the types of people that make up your family but I am sure there are some people for whom coming out as an atheist would actually be harder then coming out as gay. I seem to remember someone making a joke about telling your parents you are an atheist so that you can say that you were just kidding and that you were just gay.

See this video for the reaction that young ex-Catholic got when he came out:

Who Really Wrote the Bible? - 1 of 12

This is the first in a great series of videos about one man’s quest to discover who wrote the bible. This examination takes him to many places and ends up with a realization that the bible is not the true word of God. I cannot be. It is the word of men and sometimes petty chauvinistic and devious men, at that.

UPDATE 8/1/2009

This video was removed due to copy right violations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cakeist Heresy Against Pancakes!

Cakeist Heresy Against Pancakes!

In the world of cakes, slandering the pancake, the father of all cakes is the greatest sin you could have committed, frisbeesANDFlipFlops! Be warned, you may end up joining those pie-eaters in their pancakeless hell from which there is no escape. Repent your evil heresy and I will make you a nice fluffy stack of pancakes with your choice of topping :).