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Another's Journey to Atheism

I found this terrific story over at that really struck me. His story is so similar to my own, which I describe in How I Became an Atheist. Read it and watch my video and you will get a sense of how difficult it is to throw off the oppressive beliefs of Christianity or any religion.

Woot! 200 Subs and Questions

Wow! 200 Subs! Dang!

It seems weird to me that there are 200 people who want to hear what I have to say. The fact is, I am not sure that the types of people I want to reach are the ones that actually subscribe to my channel. Not that I don’t want subscribers. I definitely do. It’s just that, what I hope to do with this blog and with this channel is open up some minds to the fallacies of religion.

The Truth about Atheism and Atheists

Most people do not know what or who Atheists are. Many preachers, both Christian and otherwise, say things about atheists that are simply not true. Perhaps it is from ignorance but I think, in most cases, it is from a desire to denigrate and demonize a group that represents the antithesis of what they believe and want their congregations to believe. Preachers have a vested interest in keeping their “flock” close and convincing them that groups outside theirs are somehow unsavory.

'Coming Out' as an Atheist

"Coming Out" as an Atheist

I use the phrase “Coming Out” because in many ways coming out as an Atheist is very similar to coming out as gay. It really depends on the types of people that make up your family but I am sure there are some people for whom coming out as an atheist would actually be harder then coming out as gay. I seem to remember someone making a joke about telling your parents you are an atheist so that you can say that you were just kidding and that you were just gay.

See this video for the reaction that young ex-Catholic got when he came out: