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I was a Creationist

This video is sort of a follow on to the one I made last week about how I became an atheist ( ). It discusses one aspect of that transition: How I let go of the myth of Creationism.

I mention the “Institute for Creation Research” ( ). I do not recommend this site for the weak-minded. It contains dangerously flawed “logical” arguments.

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Morality v Morality

Being a comparison between Theist Morality and Atheist Morality, this video discusses the various moral precepts that we can all agree on and then delves into the major areas of disagreement.

I couldn’t find good resources on the internet for where our ethics come from so here are some books I recommend that discuss the subject and point to other resources in their bibliographies.

Why do I Speak Out Against Christianity

This is a response to a text comment made by rickuztube in which he asks, "What is it that drives you to speak out against Christianity?". Author: atheistliberty Keywords: athiest liberty atheistliberty religion christianity evil abuse child wife Added: December 31, 2007 [Atheist Liberty Videos]