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Atheist Liberty: Introduction

This is an introduction to the Atheist Liberty Channel. I am going to try an put up new videos every week. If the response is good, I my step that up some. Author: atheistliberty Keywords: atheist agnostic liberty freedom religion spirituality science Added: October 29, 2007 [Atheist Liberty Videos]

Atheist Liberty: Right from the Heart on Government

I live in the Atlanta area near Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, where Bryant Wright, is one of the pastors. This is a response to his current 1 minute radio spot on Government. For the whole spot, goto: Author: atheistliberty Keywords: atheist liberty freedom religion christian Added: October 30, 2007 [Atheist Liberty Videos]

Atheist Liberty: The ID Agenda

This is a video about the ID Agenda. What they are trying to do and why.

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