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Another's Journey to Atheism

I found this terrific story over at that really struck me. His story is so similar to my own, which I describe in How I Became an Atheist. Read it and watch my video and you will get a sense of how difficult it is to throw off the oppressive beliefs of Christianity or any religion.

Disney Accused of Being Too Gay Friendly

In this article is reporting that Disney is being accused by a Christian group of giving preferential treatment to Gays and Lesbians. The premise of these Christians is ridiculous. They are comparing Disney organized/sponsored events with ad-hoc events that Disney has not participation in. If I were a Christian Preacher and I were to say to my flock, “On May 19th 2009 we are going to Disney World would y’all like to join us?” would that put any onus on Disney to accommodate me in any special way? NO.

'Coming Out' as an Atheist

"Coming Out" as an Atheist

I use the phrase “Coming Out” because in many ways coming out as an Atheist is very similar to coming out as gay. It really depends on the types of people that make up your family but I am sure there are some people for whom coming out as an atheist would actually be harder then coming out as gay. I seem to remember someone making a joke about telling your parents you are an atheist so that you can say that you were just kidding and that you were just gay.

See this video for the reaction that young ex-Catholic got when he came out:

Who Really Wrote the Bible? - 1 of 12

This is the first in a great series of videos about one man’s quest to discover who wrote the bible. This examination takes him to many places and ends up with a realization that the bible is not the true word of God. I cannot be. It is the word of men and sometimes petty chauvinistic and devious men, at that.

UPDATE 8/1/2009

This video was removed due to copy right violations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I was a Creationist

This video is sort of a follow on to the one I made last week about how I became an atheist ( ). It discusses one aspect of that transition: How I let go of the myth of Creationism.

I mention the “Institute for Creation Research” ( ). I do not recommend this site for the weak-minded. It contains dangerously flawed “logical” arguments.

Visit the AL forums for a more liberal comments section or just to checkout other AtheistLiberty videos and blog entries:

Morality v Morality

Being a comparison between Theist Morality and Atheist Morality, this video discusses the various moral precepts that we can all agree on and then delves into the major areas of disagreement.

I couldn’t find good resources on the internet for where our ethics come from so here are some books I recommend that discuss the subject and point to other resources in their bibliographies.